Seminar: Biography as a Work of Art. Regine Kurek


Seminar: Biography as a Work of Art. Regine Kurek.

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Biography as a Work of Art: The Circular Biographical Chart in Times of Trauma and Crisis

As a Compass

The Quadruple Axis: a creative way to see the crisis points in our biography and give it creative and salutogenic direction towards the future.
Trauma causes a break in the biographical line, «we lose the thread», bringing together what has been separated allows us to integrate the trauma and move on with life.
This working model, created by Regine Kurek, allows, through art, conversation and creative writing, to discover the «crux of the matter» in our biography, the «cross we carry» and in it the opportunity to find new creative possibilities, as well as the courage to take decisive steps in our life.
And at the end, with the creation of the «Book of Life», we are presented with the image of the future that will guide our way.

By the lecturer:

Regine Kurek : Born in 1952 in Germany. Studied education and art. Anthroposophical art therapy in Ottersberg, adult learning in Forest Row with Coen van Houten, training in biography in Arlesheim with Gudrun Burkhard. Facilitates courses in art and biographical work through Arscura, School of Living Art in Toronto, Canada, as well as in the UK and USA since 1983.
Dates: 8, 9 and 10 July
– Friday from 19 to 21:30 hours
– Saturday from 12 to 15:10 / 16 to 21:30 hours
– Sunday from 12 to 15:10 / 16 to 18 hours
– Then on August 27th from 16 to 17 hours (can be extended according to the needs of the group).
** Spanish time GMT +2 **
* Europe/Australia/USA/Canada: 197€.
* Latin America/Caribbean/Africa/Asia: 97€
— Limited places.
— Limited places. Reserve your place by completing the registration form
— The workshop will take place if a minimum number of participants is reached.
If you want to know more about Regine’s work you can see it at:
We look forward to seeing you!

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